Policy Dialogue: Fiscal Transparency and Accountability


8:30- 15:00


Crowne Plaza, Monomotapa Hotel, Harare.


The Zimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit (ZEPARU) has organised a Policy Dialogue aimed at informing the creation of an environment that fosters more transparency and accountability in the formulation and implementation of macroeconomic policies particularly the national budget and transitional stabilisation programme. 

Inculcating a culture of consultations; monitoring and evaluation; increased stakeholder ownership of the projects and programmes and effective and timely communication of government programmes is critical for achieving socio economic transformation. The implementation of Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) is dependent on clarity of roles in the implementation process by a broad spectrum of stakeholders; clarity on country’s fiscal position and prospects; perspectives on long-term costs and benefits of proposed policy changes; funding mechanisms and the potential risks to public finances among other issues. The degree of fiscal transparency is associated with a country’s fiscal sustainability and market perceptions of fiscal solvency.