Capacity Building

ZEPARU has been supporting both short-term and long-term (Masters and PhD levels) training. To date, ZEPARU has sponsored 25 Officers from the Ministries of Finance and Economic Development, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority; President’s Office and RBZ to pursue part time MSc Programme in Economics at the University of Zimbabwe. Eight students have already completed. ZEPARU also sponsored two Staff Development Fellows from the University of Zimbabwe’s Economics Department to pursue a PhD programme at the University of Cape Town, who graduated in June 2010 and December 2012.In the past five years, four Senior Economists from the Ministry of Finance and RBZ have undertaken PhD studies in Economics at South African Universities.

In addition to the above long-term programmes, ZEPARU ran a series of short-term courses to fulfill its mandate to build sustainable capacity for conducting economic policy research and analysis. Some of the recent short-term courses include:

  • Between 2011 and 2014, ZEPARU facilitated several gender training workshops of government officials on Engendering National Budgets funded by the UNDP under the GEPMI programme. The 12 module course was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, with financial support from UNDP. The GEPMI programme targeted middle and senior level government policy makers, parliamentary staff and civil society organizations with hands-on skills, enabling them to address critical gender issues in all aspects of economic planning and management;
  • Training for Government Economists in the various fields of Economic Management and Policy Analysis, including a course on Financial Programming held from 3 – 14 December 2012 in Harare;
  • Trade Law and Policy for Zimbabwe’s Regional Trade Agenda,
  • Macroeconomic Forecasting:
  • Training of government officials on various Economic related issues through regional bodies like ESAMI and TRAPCA between 2011 and 2015.